When all hell breaks loose

We provide you with the power to avoid or contain crises. Our services include:

Reputation tactics and counsel

During a reputation, we run interference, utilizing strategies and counsel to contain the negative impact during and after an incident. 24-hour consultation.

Training executive media and
presentation skills

We anticipate issues or simmering concerns and develop practical response plans before they become major problems. We enhance reputations and, if necessary, rebuild them.

Risk assessment

We identify and assess potential risks and recommend solutions.

Crisis readiness programs

We work with you to insure your company will respond quickly and effectively to reduce the impact of a crisis.

Crisis planning

We help you develop a practical, effective crisis plan utilizing internal operations and external communication.

Crisis seminars, simulations and
speaking engagements

Our programs and speaking engagements focus on how executives can turn problems to their advantage through effective planning and responsible action.

Executive media training

Tailored programs enable you to master and control media interviews and social media audiences.

Editing services

We can write your message for you. We also provide editing and proofreading services.