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How to Build a Reputation

Mar 14 2020

I met with a CEO to discuss changing his company’s troubled reputation.  I advised him to make some internal changes. He stopped me and said “No, no, no. I want to look better, not act better.” Basically, he wanted to play tennis without a racket. We went our separate ways. Here’s why a company can’t…

Unrelated Crises Can Become Yours

The Coronavirus Ambush

Feb 24 2020

The Diamond Princess- Photographer: Toru Hanai/Bloomberg I have always stressed someone else’s problem can become your own. The coronavirus proves the point. Since it broke out in China, companies are experiencing financial damage as well as reputation problems. And, the virus will continue to impact even more companies as it spreads. So far, the biggest hit…

J&J’s New Marketing Strategy: Use Babies

Sep 29 2019

Here’s a trick for diverting attention away from a company ...

The Downside of Decisions

Robin Cohn & Company

Dec 20 2019

The Hallmark Channel movies feature chaste love scenes and happy ...

How to Make Crisis Decisions

Oct 15 2019

When confronted with a potential threat to your company’s reputation, ...

Your First Crisis Response

Oct 10 2019

When a crisis occurs, you have to communicate in today’s ...

Suicide by Interview

Nov 26 2019

Britain’s Prince Andrew made news recently---but not in the way ...

The better the plan, the better the solution

May 15 2019

"...and so bob comes up to me, and he says, ...