How to Make Crisis Decisions

When confronted with a potential threat to your company’s reputation, there’s one question you have to ask. Does it need a response? Is it an issue that demands action? Sometimes a response can hurt rather than help.

For example, a Fortune 500 client was being hit with false accusations by one man via his blog and tweets. My client was getting ready to sue him for slander.

I asked if these attacks were affecting business. Was there an impact? Turns out the man was widely known to be an annoying gadfly. He lacked credibility and the company’s business had not been affected.

This is a kind of beast you don’t want to feed. No doubt, the man would have joyfully posted the lawsuit on his blog. It would have given his accusations legitimacy. After all, here was a big company trying to muzzle a little guy for speaking out against wrongdoing.

I know, I know. I’m always saying get bad news out past. Don’t hide. However, you have to know when to act. If the man had been the head of a Fortune 100 company, then the company needs to respond ASAP.

When a problem like this occurs, it’s understandable a company will be angry. However, taking action could grow the problem. The last thing you want is to attract is damaging attention however false. By all means, monitor a situation and be ready to respond if comes from a legitimate source and the info is wrong. But remember, some battles are not worth fighting.


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